Sax is a champion of not-for-profits.  Through our Fist to Five® process, we strive to support, empower and guide organizations in ways that ensure their continued existence and positive impact.  A considerable challenge is the dependence on outside funding, which can hinder a not-for-profit’s capacity to further their mission.  Sax is passionate about helping organizations obtain stability and financial security so they can flourish and thrive.



        In recognition of these challenges and the importance of sustainable efforts, Sax will award a $15,000 unrestricted grant to a not-for-profit organization in the New Jersey/NYC metro area that can best demonstrate either of the following: 


  1. How your not-for-profit organization is perpetuating sustainability


  1. Ideas or measures your not-for-profit can implement to become more sustainable



APPLICATION DEADLINE:   November 30, 2017

PRESENTATION OF AWARD: January 2018 (Date & Location TBA)

GRANT AMOUNT:   $15,000 (unrestricted) 

REQUIREMENT:    Organization must have a current exemption under Section 501(c)(3) as determined by the IRS.




STEP ONE: Click the link below to be on the Applicant List to receive The Founder’s Award application package.



STEP TWO: Submit the application package along with your demonstration of how your not-for-profit has maintained sustainability or the ideas your not-for-profit has to become more sustainable by one of two ways:


1) An Essay (1,200 word max.)

2) A Non-professional Video (5 minutes max.)


STEP THREE: An executive team member/board member from your not-for-profit must attend The Founder’s Award event in January to be eligible to win the $15,000 grant.  Winners will be selected prior to December 31, 2017, but will be announced at The Founder’s Award ceremony. If the winner is not present at the event, they will forfeit the awarded grant to the next runner up.