Application Deadline: November 30, 2017

Presentation of Award: January 2018 (NJ Location TBA)

Grant Prize: $15,000.00 (can be applied at the organization’s discretion)


          sax would like to award a NoNProfit organization in the NJ/NYC area that can demonstrate either of the following:

  1. How is your not-for-profit organization maintaining sustainability?

  2. What ideas or measures do you believe your nonprofit can implement that will help your organization become more sustainable?




STEP ONE: Sign Up to be on the Applicant List to receive Founder's Award Application package. 

STEP TWO: Submit the application and (3-5 minute) non-professional video that demonstrates how either your nonprofit organization has maintained sustainability or the ideas your organization has to become more sustainable.

STEP THREE: Attend the Fist to Five Founder’s Award Event in order to be eligible to win the prize (January 2018/ NJ Location TBA). The winners will be selected before 12/31/17 but will be announces at the Fist to Five Award Event.. If the winner is not present at the event, they will forfeit the prize to the next runner up.